San Jose Giants Announce 2014 Roster

Martin Agosta
Joe Biagini
Ryan Bradley
Jorge Bucardo
Kendry Flores
Ian Gardeck
Joan Gregorio
Stephen Johnson
Mason McVay
Tyler Mizenko
Steven Okert
Jeff Soptic
Chris Stratton
Pat Young

Trevor Brown
Jesus Navarro
Ben Turner

Mitch Delfino
Blake Miller
Rando Moreno
Brian Ragira
Alberto Robles
Ydwin Villegas

Elliott Blair
Jesus Galindo
Chuckie Jones
Chris Lofton
Mac Williamson

* Seven pitchers on the roster worked as starters last season: Agosta, Biagini, Flores, Gregorio and Stratton with Class-A Augusta, Bradley with Double-A Richmond and Young with Short-Season Salem-Keizer. Bradley (2012 season) and Young (2013 playoffs) have prior experience in San Jose. The Giants are expected to use a six-man starting rotation this year.

* Seven players on San Jose’s roster are ranked among Baseball America’s Top 30 San Francisco Giants prospects:
3. Stratton (RHP)
5. Williamson (OF)
14. Flores (RHP)
17. Gregorio (RHP)
21. Agosta (RHP)
24. Okert (LHP)
28. Johnson (RHP)

* Six players on the roster were drafted in the first five rounds: Stratton (1st round, 2012), Agosta (2nd round, 2012), Williamson (3rd round, 2012), Soptic (3rd round, 2011), Ragira (4th round, 2013) and Okert (4th round, 2012).

* Eight players were on San Jose’s team at the conclusion of the 2013 season: Blair, Brown, Delfino, Galindo, Lofton, Soptic, Williamson and Young. Williamson was San Jose’s co-MVP last year. Four others have prior experience with the Giants (Bradley – 2012, Bucardo – 2010 and 2013, Navarro – 2011 & Villegas – 2012 and 2013).

* Flores (RHP) is the only player with San Jose currently on San Francisco’s 40-man roster. Turner (C) and Williamson (OF) were non-roster invitees to big league spring training this year.

Roster Press Release

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I hear that Williamson is back in SJ because of an injury. Can you elaborate on that? Is it serious? How will this impact his development?

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